All compositions not under revision are available for purchase and PDF perusal.  Please visit the contact page for more information.

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Gaudete Omnes (2015) (SATB with piano)
The Strange Night (2015) (unison children, SATB double choir, and piano)
I Am Not Yours (2014) (SSAA)
Adoramus Te (2013) (SSAATTBB a cappella)
Psalm 23 (2014) (Two-voices with piano)
Were You There? -Good Friday Cantata (2011)
     Were You There?
     At the Table
     Sleeping in the Night
     The Trial
     The Crucifixion

Concert Band/Wind Ensemble:

-Rush (2017)
Appetite Concerto for Amplified Harp and Wind Ensemble (2015-2016)
I. Cortadito
II. Pepperoni and Spinach Deep Dish Pizza
III. Skillet Cookie
IV. Dirty Bastard
Silent Night, Sea of Light 
Lakeshore Portrait (2012)


Eau (2013)

Chamber Opera:

Connla and the Fairy Maiden (2015)


Yes. (2017) Traverso, Baroque Oboe, Sackbut, Baroque Violin, Viola Da Gamba, Harpsichord, Soprano
Reach (2017) Baroque quartet (soprano, alto, tenor, bass instruments)
Building Cathedrals
(2016) Brass Quintet
I. Aedificare
II. Quies
III. Laudate
Amid Thunder 
(2015) Harp and Electronics 
(2013) Marimba Duet
Nie Wieder (2013) Harp, Glass Harp, Electronics
Excelsior Overture (2013) Brass Quintet
Windows (2012) Piano, Cello, Vibraphone trio

Solo Piano:

Leading Ladies of Netflix Piano Suite (2015-16) (work in progress)
     Nocturne Fromage
Monomyth – The Hero’s Journey (2012)
     I.    Departure
     II.   Initiation
     III. Return
Prelude no. 1 (2012)
Late Night Rag (2011)


Jabberwocky (2014)
Voluntary Solitude
– Song Cycle (2010, 2013)
     Advice to a Girl (2013)
     I Love You (2013)
     After Love (2010)
     Alone (2010)
La preghiera del Padre Nostro (2010)

Musical Theatre:

Return-Musical Theatre Song Cycle (2013-2014) (work in progress)
     A Book, a Beach, and a Bottle of Chardonnay (2013)
     (Marry Me) Anywhere But Here (2013)
     This World that I Inherited (2013)
     It’s Been a While (2013)
Tell us a Bit About Yourself (2014)

Lever Harp:

-Pastorale (2011)